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Michelle Alexopoulos , University of Toronto
Juan Antolin-Diaz , London Business School
S. Borağan Aruoba , University of Maryland
Guido Ascari , University of Pavia
Susanto Basu , Boston College and NBER
Paul Beaudry , Bank of Canada
Martin Beraja , Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Huixin Bi , Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Francesco Bianchi , Johns Hopkins University and NBER
Adrien Bilal , Harvard University and NBER
Florin O. Bilbiie , University of Cambridge
Luigi Bocola , Stanford University and NBER
Paolo Bonomolo , De Nederlandsche Bank
Tobias Broer , Institute for International Economic Studies
Brent Bundick , Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Carlos Carvalho , PUC-Rio
Harold L. Cole , University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Pablo Cuba Borda , Federal Reserve Board
Marco Del Negro , Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Francis X. Diebold , University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Taeyoung Doh , Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Thorsten Drautzburg , Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Thomas Drechsel , University of Maryland
Stefano Eusepi , University of Texas at Austin
Jesús Fernández-Villaverde , University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Filippo Ferroni , Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Alan Finkelstein Shapiro , Tufts University
Andrew Foerster , Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Cristina Fuentes-Albero , Federal Reserve Board
Jordi Galí , CREI and NBER
A. Ronald Gallant , Pennsylvania State University
Valentina Gavazza , Stockholm University
Domenico Giannone ,
Yuriy Gorodnichenko , University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Refet S. Gürkaynak , Bilkent University
Ina Hajdini , Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Qazi Haque , The University of Adelaide
Tom D. Holden , Deutsche Bundesbank
Christopher House , University of Michigan and NBER
Kirstin Hubrich , Federal Reserve Board
Cosmin L. Ilut , Duke University and NBER
Eva F. Janssens , University of Amsterdam
Marek Jarociński , European Central Bank
Diego R. Kaenzig , Northwestern University
Shinnosuke Katsuki , Bank of Japan
Lynda Khalaf , Carleton University
Alexandre N. Kohlhas , Institute for International Economic Studies
Alexandr Kopytov , University of Hong Kong
André Kurmann , Drexel University
Donggyu Lee , Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Nelson Lind , Emory University
Laura Liu , Indiana University Bloomington
Sydney C. Ludvigson , New York University and NBER
Sai Ma , Federal Reserve Board
Aytek Malkhozov , Federal Reserve Board
Christian Matthes , Indiana University
Michael McCracken , Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Sean P. McCrary , University of Pennsylvania
Leonardo Melosi , Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Elmar Mertens , Deutsche Bundesbank
Karel Mertens , Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Bineet Mishra , Cornell University
Kurt Mitman , Institute for International Economic Studies
Serena Ng , Columbia University and NBER
Giovanni Nicolò , Federal Reserve Board
Kristoffer Nimark , Cornell University
Ricardo Nunes , University of Surrey
Shawn Osell , College of St Benedict
Giorgio Primiceri , Northwestern University and NBER
Zhongjun Qu , Boston University
Margit Reischer , Georgetown University
Francisco Ruge-Murcia , McGill University
Hikaru Saijo , University of California, Santa Cruz
Fabio Schiantarelli , Boston College
Raphael Schoenle , Brandeis University
Frank Schorfheide , University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Minchul Shin , Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Mototsugu Shintani , University of Tokyo
A. Lee Smith , Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Dongho Song , Johns Hopkins University
Lars E.O. Svensson , Stockholm School of Economics and NBER
Eric T. Swanson , University of California, Irvine and NBER
Andrea Tambalotti , Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel , Cornell University
George Tauchen , Duke University
Daniel F. Waggoner , Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Mark W. Watson , Princeton University and NBER
Kenneth D. West , University of Wisconsin-Madison and NBER
Thomas Winberry , University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Francesco Zanetti , University of Oxford
Molin Zhong , Federal Reserve Board

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