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Simona Abis , Columbia University
Philippe Aghion , London School of Economics
Titan Alon , University of California at San Diego
Harun Alp , Federal Reserve Board
David Argente , Pennsylvania State University
Sina T. Ates , Federal Reserve Board
David Baqaee , University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Salomé Baslandze , Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance
Vittorio Bassi , University of Southern California
Susanto Basu , Boston College and NBER
Enrico Berkes , The Ohio State University
Mark Bils , University of Rochester and NBER
Johannes Boehm , Sciences Po
Timo Boppart , IIES, Stockholm University
Francisco J. Buera , Washington University in St. Louis and NBER
Ariel Burstein , University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Christophe Cahn , Banque de France
Santiago Caicedo , Clemson University
Damien Capelle , International Monetary Fund
Julieta Caunedo , University of Toronto
Laurent Cavenaile , University of Toronto
Murat Alp Celik , University of Toronto
Gaurav Chiplunkar , University of Virginia
Jaedo Choi , Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Diego A. Comin , Dartmouth College and NBER
Joel David , Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Melissa Dell , Harvard University and NBER
Dave Donaldson , Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Kevin Donovan , Yale University
Benjamin Faber , University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Tianyu Fan , Yale University
James Feyrer , Dartmouth College
Junichi Fujimoto , National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Oded Galor , Brown University and NBER
John R. Grigsby , Princeton University and NBER
John C. Haltiwanger , University of Maryland and NBER
Tarek Alexander Hassan , Boston University and NBER
David Hémous , University of Zurich
Lutz Hendricks , University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Berthold Herrendorf , Arizona State University
Richard Hornbeck , University of Chicago and NBER
Chang-Tai Hsieh , University of Chicago and NBER
Charles I. Jones , Stanford University and NBER
Joseph P. Kaboski , University of Notre Dame and NBER
Ṣebnem Kalemli-Özcan , University of Maryland and NBER
Aakash Kalyani , Boston University
Bariş Kaymak , Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Elisa Keller , University of Exeter
Peter J. Klenow , Stanford University and NBER
David Lagakos , Boston University and NBER
Amartya Lahiri , University of British Columbia
Andrea Lamorgese , Bank of Italy
Danial Lashkari , Boston College
Oksana Leukhina , Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Andrei A. Levchenko , University of Michigan and NBER
Huiyu Li , Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Nelson Lind , Emory University
Ernest Liu , Princeton University and NBER
Yueyuan Ma , University of Pennsylvania
Hannes Malmberg , University of Minnesota
N. Gregory Mankiw , Harvard University and NBER
Kristina Manysheva , Northwestern University
Paolo Martellini , University of Wisconsin at Madison
Carlo Medici , Northwestern University
Esteban Méndez , Central Bank of Costa Rica
Martí Mestieri , Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Stelios Michalopoulos , Brown University and NBER
Alexander Monge-Naranjo , European University Institute
Sara Moreira , Northwestern University
Melanie Morten , Stanford University and NBER
Raviv Murciano-Goroff , Boston University
Siddhartha Nath , Reserve Bank of India
Ezra Oberfield , Princeton University and NBER
Chris Papageorgiou , International Monetary Fund
Stephen Parente , University of Illinois
Jeremy G. Pearce , University of Chicago
Alessandra Peter , New York University
Michael Peters , Yale University and NBER
Tommaso Porzio , Columbia University and NBER
Marta Prato , University of Chicago
Nancy Qian , Northwestern University and NBER
Lukasz Rachel , Princeton University
Natalia Ramondo , Boston University and NBER
Tristan Reed , The World Bank
Pascual Restrepo , Boston University and NBER
Diego Restuccia , University of Toronto and NBER
Richard Rogerson , Princeton University and NBER
Martin Rotemberg , New York University
Cian Ruane , International Monetary Fund
Felipe Saffie , University of Virginia
Thomas Sampson , London School of Economics
Cezar Santos , Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Karthik Sastry , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Todd Schoellman , Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Ajay Shenoy , University of California at Santa Cruz
Kazuatsu Shimizu , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yongseok Shin , Washington University in St. Louis and NBER
Jason A. Sockin , University of Pennsylvania
James H. Stock , Harvard University and NBER
Marco Tabellini , Harvard University and NBER
Ahmed Tahoun , London Business School
Stephen J. Terry , Boston University and NBER
Christopher Tonetti , Stanford University and NBER
Ákos Valentinyi , University of Manchester
Diana Van Patten , Yale University and NBER
John Van Reenen , London School of Economics and NBER
Mitchell Vanvuren , University of California at San Diego
Liliana Varela , London School of Economics
Venky Venkateswaran , New York University and NBER
Gustavo Ventura , Arizona State University
Nico Voigtländer , University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Dietrich Vollrath , University of Houston
Kai-Jie Wu , University of Rochester
Daniel Xu , Duke University and NBER
Tong Xu , Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Kei-Mu Yi , University of Houston and NBER
Mehmet Yorukoglu , Koc University
Joseph Zeira , Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Yu Zheng , Queen Mary University of London
Nathan Zorzi , Dartmouth College

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