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Harun Alp , Federal Reserve Board
Alan J. Auerbach , University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Dany Bahar , Brown University
Roland Bénabou , Princeton University and NBER
Martin Beraja , Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Thomas Blanchet , University of California, Berkeley
Corina Boar , New York University and NBER
Federico Boffa , Free University of Bolzano
Timo Boppart , IIES, Stockholm University
Jean-Felix Brouillette , Stanford University
Eric Chyn , University of Texas at Austin and NBER
Diego Daruich , University of Southern California
Chris Edmond , University of Melbourne
Raquel Fernández , New York University and NBER
Martin Fiszbein , Boston University and NBER
Raphaël Franck , Hebrew University
Elisa Giannone , Centre de Recerca en Economia Internacional (CREI)
Matthieu Gomez , Columbia University
Yuriy Gorodnichenko , University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Chenyu Hou , Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
Ruixue Jia , University of California, San Diego and NBER
Andrew Kao , Harvard University
Peter J. Klenow , Stanford University and NBER
David Lagakos , Boston University and NBER
Amartya Lahiri , University of British Columbia
Danial Lashkari , Boston College
Clara Martínez-Toledano , Paris School of Economics
Oscar A. Mendez , Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Stelios Michalopoulos , Brown University and NBER
Max Miller , University of Pennsylvania
Simon Mongey , University of Chicago and NBER
Daniel Murphy , University of Virginia
Nathan Nunn , University of British Columbia and NBER
Ömer Özak , Southern Methodist University
Jeremy G. Pearce , University of Chicago
Bruno Pellegrino , University of Maryland
Marta Prato , University of Chicago
Diego Ramos-Toro , Dartmouth College
Juan Felipe Riano , University of British Columbia
Concetta Rondinelli , Bank of Italy
Emmanuel Saez , University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Enrico Spolaore , Tufts University and NBER
Felipe Valencia Caicedo , University of British Columbia
David Weiss , Tel Aviv University
David Y. Yang , Harvard University and NBER
Alexander Yarkin , Brown University
Noam Yuchtman , London School of Economics
Joseph Zeira , Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Junyi Zhu , Deutsche Bundesbank
Gabriel Zucman , University of California, Berkeley and NBER


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