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Stefania Albanesi , University of Pittsburgh and NBER
Laurence Ales , Carnegie Mellon University
Marco Bassetto , Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Corina Boar , New York University and NBER
Job Boerma , University of Wisconsin-Madison
Marius Brülhart , University of Lausanne
Yongsung Chang , Seoul National University
Varadarajan V. Chari , University of Minnesota and NBER
Harold L. Cole , University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Ashley C. Craig , University of Michigan
Wei Cui , University College London
Eduardo Dávila , Yale University and NBER
Mariacristina De Nardi , University of Minnesota and NBER
Ilaria Deangelis , Bank of Italy
Davide Debortoli , Universitat Pompeu Fabra
William Dodds , Tulane University
Moritz Drechsel-Grau , University of Munich
Sebastian Dyrda , University of Toronto
Jan Eeckhout , Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Antoine Ferey , University of Munich and CESifo
Axelle Ferriere , Paris School of Economics
Johannes Fleck , European University Institute
Chunyang Fu , UCAS
Alexandre Gaillard , Toulouse School of Economics
Mikhail Golosov , University of Chicago and NBER
Philipp Gruebener , Goethe University Frankfurt
Fatih Guvenen , University of Minnesota and NBER
George J. Hall , Brandeis University
Aaron Hedlund , Purdue University
Christian Hellwig , Toulouse School of Economics
Kazuhiro Hiraki , Bank of Japan
Tom D. Holden , Deutsche Bundesbank
Hans A. Holter , University of Oslo
Guangbin Hong , University of Toronto
Luigi Iovino , Bocconi University
Simon Jäger , Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Juergen Jung , Towson University
Greg Kaplan , University of Chicago and NBER
Louis Kaplow , Harvard University and NBER
Bariş Kaymak , Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Rohan Kekre , University of Chicago and NBER
Fabian Kindermann , University of Regensburg
Ilia Krasikov , Higher School of Economics
Dirk Krueger , University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Lorenz Kueng , University of Lugano
Moritz Kuhn , University of Bonn
Camille Landais , London School of Economics
Wenjian Li , Zhejiang University
Martin Lopez-Daneri , Temple University
Alexander Ludwig , Goethe University
Paolo Martellini , University of Wisconsin at Madison
Ellen McGrattan , University of Minnesota and NBER
Kathleen McKiernan , Vanderbilt University
Christian Moser , Columbia University
Gaston Navarro , Federal Reserve Board
Abdoulaye Ndiaye , New York University
Sergio Ocampo-Diaz , Western University, Canada
Yena Park , Seoul National University
Jonathan Payne , Princeton University
Andreas Peichl , University of Munich
William B. Peterman , Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Luigi Pistaferri , Stanford University and NBER
James M. Poterba , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Benjamin Pugsley , University of Notre Dame
Vincenzo Quadrini , University of Southern California
Xavier Ragot , Sciences Po
Daniel Reck , London School of Economics
Catarina Reis , Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
Casey Rothschild , Wellesley College
Emmanuel Saez , University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Florian Scheuer , University of Zurich
Benjamin Schoefer , University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Joel Slemrod , University of Michigan and NBER
Bent Sorensen , University of Houston
Stefanie Stantcheva , Harvard University and NBER
Joseph B. Steinberg , University of Toronto
Ludwig Straub , Harvard University and NBER
Balint Szoke , Federal Reserve Board
Dmitry Taubinsky , University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Pietro Tommasino , Bank of Italy
Maxim Troshkin , University of Pennsylvania
Aleh Tsyvinski , Yale University and NBER
Oliko Vardishvili , Yale University
Gustavo Ventura , Arizona State University
Giovanni L. Violante , Princeton University and NBER
Philipp Wangner , Toulouse School of Economics
Matthew C. Weinzierl , Harvard University and NBER
Nicolas D. Werquin , Toulouse School of Economics
Chunzan Wu , University of Miami
Yaniv Yedid-Levi , Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya
Junyi Zhu , Deutsche Bundesbank
Gabriel Zucman , University of California, Berkeley and NBER

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