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Anjali Adukia , University of Chicago and NBER
Prottoy A. Akbar , Aalto University
Treb Allen , Dartmouth College and NBER
Milena Almagro , University of Chicago
Marcella Alsan , Harvard University and NBER
Santosh Anagol , University of Pennsylvania
Alina Arefeva , University of Wisconsin-Madison
Costas Arkolakis , Yale University and NBER
Alex Armand , Nova School of Business and Economics
Sam Asher , Imperial College Business School
Enghin Atalay , Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Britta Augsburg , The Institute for Fiscal Studies
Antonella Bancalari , University of St Andrews
Andres Barrios Fernandez , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Panle Jia Barwick , University of Wisconsin-Madison and NBER
Hector Blanco Fernandez , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Corina Boar , New York University and NBER
Barthélémy Bonadio , New York University Abu Dhabi
Leah Brooks , George Washington University
Marcus D. Casey , University of Illinois at Chicago
Jiafeng Chen , Harvard University
Yuxian Chen , Brown University
Eric Chyn , University of Texas at Austin and NBER
Elior Cohen , University of California at Los Angeles
Victor Couture , University of British Columbia
David M. Cutler , Harvard University and NBER
Morris Davis , Rutgers University
Jonathan I. Dingel , University of Chicago and NBER
Gilles Duranton , University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Sebastian Ellingsen , Dartmouth College
Fernando V. Ferreira , University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Robert B. Fluegge , Harvard University
Simon Franklin , Queen Mary University of London
Dustin Frye , Vassar College
Arya Gaduh , University of Arkansas and NBER
Sharat Ganapati , Georgetown University and NBER
Jorge Garcia Hombrados , London School of Economics and Political Science
Andra C. Ghent , University of Utah
Elisa Giannone , Centre de Recerca en Economia Internacional (CREI)
Robert M. Gonzalez , Georgia Institute of Technology
Joshua D. Gottlieb , University of Chicago and NBER
Allison E. Green , Princeton University
Jose-Alberto Guerra , Universidad de los Andes
Rema Hanna , Harvard University and NBER
Mariaflavia Harari , University of Pennsylvania
Naomi Hausman , Hebrew University
Stephan Heblich , University of Toronto and NBER
Ali Hortaçsu , University of Chicago and NBER
Federico Huneeus , Central Bank of Chile
Benjamin G. Hyman , Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Yannis M. Ioannides , Tufts University
William R. Kerr , Harvard University and NBER
Toru Kitagawa , Brown University
Gabriel Kreindler , Harvard University and NBER
Jacob Krimmel , Federal Reserve Board
Theresa Kuchler , New York University and NBER
David Lagakos , Boston University and NBER
Kevin Lang , Boston University and NBER
Kwok Hao Lee , Princeton University
Shanjun Li , Cornell University and NBER
Jeffrey Lin , Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Maya Lozinski , University of Chicago
Kyle Mangum , Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
William B. McCartney , University of Virginia
Bruce D. Meyer , University of Chicago and NBER
Yuhei Miyauchi , Boston University
Myra Mohnen , University of Ottawa
Enrico Moretti , University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Jacob Moscona , Harvard University
Pauline Mourot , University of Chicago
Kentaro Nakajima , Hitotsubashi University
Paul Novosad , Dartmouth College
Benjamin A. Olken , Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
John Orellana-Li , The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Amanda Pallais , Harvard University and NBER
Xinle Pang , Pennsylvania State University
Minseon Park , University of Wisconsin-Madison
Andrii Parkhomenko , University of Southern California
Kate Pennington , US Census Bureau
Luca Perdoni , Yale University
Elisabeth Perlman , U.S. Census Bureau
Sonya Porter , U.S. Census Bureau
Tommaso Porzio , Columbia University and NBER
Franklin Qian , UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
Michael Reher , University of California, San Diego
Fernanda Rojas-Ampuero , Harvard University
Jonathan Rose , Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Stuart Rosenthal , Syracuse University
Brigitte Roth Tran , Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Diego Rybski , Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Bruce Sacerdote , Dartmouth College and NBER
Amy Ellen Schwartz , Syracuse University
Nathan Seegert , University of Utah
Javiera Selman , Tulane University
Or Shachar , Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Joseph S. Shapiro , University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Allison Shertzer , University of Pittsburgh and NBER
Holger Sieg , University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Jaehee Song , University of Colorado Boulder
Aradhya Sood , University of Toronto
Jeanne Sorin , University of Chicago
Ben Sprung-Keyser , Harvard University
Adam Storeygard , Tufts University and NBER
Bryan A. Stuart , Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Chad Syverson , University of Chicago and NBER
Brandon Tan , Harvard University
Clemence Tricaud , University of California at Los Angeles
Nick Tsivanidis , University of California at Berkeley
Matthew Turner , Brown University and NBER
Mehmet F. Ulu , Koc University
Philip Ushchev , Higher School of Economics
Stan Veuger , American Enterprise Institute
Cora Wigger , Northwestern University
Derek Wu , University of Chicago
Angela Wyse , University of Chicago
Moises Yi , U.S. Census Bureau
Chamna Yoon , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Jipeng Zhang , Southwestern University of Finance and Economics


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