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Gerald Auten , Department of the Treasury
Katherine Baicker , University of Chicago and NBER
Robert J. Barro , Harvard University and NBER
Thomas Barthold , Joint Committee on Taxation
William Boning , Department of the Treasury
Edith Brashares , Department of the Treasury
David Brazell , Department of the Treasury
Victoria L. Bryant , Internal Revenue Service
Dorian Carloni , Congressional Budget Office
Chia Chang , Joint Committee on Taxation
Michael J. Chow , NVCA
James Cilke , Joint Committee on Taxation
Adam Cole , Department of the Treasury
Daniela Costa , University of Pennsylvania
Catherine Crato , Department of the Treasury
James Elwell , Joint Committee on Taxation
Erin E. Ferris , Federal Reserve Board
Joseph Hancuch , Department of the Treasury
Kevin Hassett , Hoover Institution
Zheli He , University of Pennsylvania
Eda Herzog-Vitto , Department of the Treasury
Bobby Hodges , Internal Revenue Service
Mark Iwry , The Brookings Institution
Sebastian James , The World Bank
David Joulfaian , Department of the Treasury
Michael Kendix , Government Accountability Office
John Kitchen , Congressional Budget Office
Ben Klemens , Department of the Treasury
Jeffrey R. Kling , Congressional Budget Office and NBER
Jeff Larrimore , Federal Reserve Board
Junghoon Lee , Congressional Budget Office
Janet Li
Diane Lim , University of Pennsylvania
Katherine Lim , Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank
Ithai Lurie , Department of the Treasury
Brigitte C. Madrian , Brigham Young University and NBER
William A. McBride , Tax Foundation
Jonathan Meer , Texas A&M University and NBER
Ellen Merry , Federal Reserve Board
Corbin L. Miller , U.S. Department of the Treasury
Robert A. Moffitt , Johns Hopkins University and NBER
Casey B. Mulligan , University of Chicago and NBER
Edward Nannenhorn , Government Accountability Office
Sangjoon Park , Embassy of South Korea
Elena Patel , University of Utah
Neviana Petkova , Department of the Treasury
James M. Poterba , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Benjamin Priday , Texas A&M University
Richard P. Prisinzano , University of Pennsylvania
Felix Reichling , University of Pennsylvania
John Ricco , University of Pennsylvania
Julia E. Robertson , Government Accountability Office
Joshua Rubin , Quantitative Economics and Statistics
Richard Rubin , "Wall Street Journal"
Molly Saunders-Scott , Congressional Budget Office
Jason Seligman , Investment Company Institute
Mark Shepard , Harvard University and NBER
Seul Ki. Shin , University of Pennsylvania
Maxim Shvedov , AARP
Kenneth Simonson , The Associated General Contractors of America
Naveen Singhal , Congressional Budget Office
Matthew Smith , Department of the Treasury
David Splinter , Joint Committee on Taxation
Ellen Steele , Congressional Budget Office
Michael Strudler , Internal Revenue Service
Lori Stuntz , District Economics Group
Kathleen Toma , Joint Committee on Taxation
Michael E. Weber , Internal Revenue Service
Brian Wheaton , Stanford University
Elwood White , Government Accountability Office
Jim Williamson , Congressional Budget Office
Lin Xu , Joint Committee on Taxation

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